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Guiding Prospects Through Your Sales Funnel With Ease, Simplifying Purchases, and Transforming Them Into Delightful, Loyal Customers.

Want the "Done For You" Approach?

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Elevate Your Business Productivity.

Achieve More By Simplifying Tasks, All in One Place.

Get Leads From Everywhere! ...Not Just Websites.

  • Convert More Leads with Automated Follow-up via TikTok, Facebook Messenger & Instagram DMs!

  • Turn Potential Customers into Paying Clients with Automated Web-Chat Follow-up!

  • Receive leads directly from inbound calls and texts in your inbox. Quickly connect to customers who may just be one step away from a sale.

  • Generate & Nurture Strong Leads Automatically with Facebook Lead Forms to create a lasting connection with potential clients.

NicheFit™ AI can get leads from every channel, not just from your website!

The "7-Day Sales" Sequence.

Boost your sales by transforming newcomers into buyers with this user-friendly and totally automated system.

All you need is a few tweaks to the preset copy tailored to fit your offer, then sit back while it works its magic!

Get ready for 5 days of follow up goodness, perfect for turning those new prospects into long term clients.

Now's the time to turn subscribers in satisfied customers - don't wait another minute!

Let our automated sequence of follow-ups get people returning and checking off everything from their list!

The "Money Capture" Sequence

Are you experiencing folks leaving before they complete their purchase?

Our follow-up sequence will send out emails and texts to help draw them back in - so that never again do clients miss out on adding your offer to the checkout cart.

The "Count Me In" Sequence With A.I.Deadline

Get your prospects to express their interest by crafting a compelling email subject line about your offer.

When they open it, our A.I.-powered system kicks into gear and presents them with an ever-shortening timeline of opportunity that increases their chances of making the purchase.

All you need to do is make some minor adjustments to those prepped emails and hit "send" - we'll take care of the rest!

Just edit your pre-written scripts for maximum efficiency—you'll get those sales completed in no time!

"Abandoned Cart to Purchased" Sequence With A.I. Deadline

Make those abandoned carts count!

Use the power of urgency and scarcity to give potential customers an irresistible reason to take action using the deadline a.i.

Automatically send follow-up emails (and texts, if you choose) creating limited time offers so shoppers can't resist.

Just edit your pre-written scripts for maximum efficiency—you'll get those sales completed in no time!

The "Observer" Sequence With A.I. Deadline

Want to grab your prospects' attention and get them taking action?

Let this campaign do the heavy lifting for you.

With automated emails that use the persuasive power of urgency, it's only a few clicks away from sealing deals!

Pre-built campaign takes care of all the details so that all you need to do is customize each message.

With only a few simple edits, watch the clicks become conversions!

Just customize the pre-written emails, click go and watch those sales skyrocket as our deadline sequence kicks in and gets people excited about making purchases before it’s too late.

The "Limited Time Offer" Sequence With A.I. Deadline

A fantastic way to generate swift sales from your list with our "Limited Time Offers!" sequence.

Make sure your list knows when Limited Time Offer hits.

Our fully automated system is ready for you to take advantage of - no tech savvy needed!

The On-Demand Webinar Campaign Sequence

  • Jumpstart your leads with a webinar invite.

  • Send out replay links to keep everyone in-the-know.

  • Keep track of who registered.

  • Send out replay links.

  • Send an A.I. deadline to everyone who didn't buy.

Without a doubt, webinars are proven to incredibly successful. This campaign harnesses the power of A.I., taking it one step further and making your webinar smarter than ever!

The workflow removes those who purchased from future "sales" mailings so they only receive messages that are fresh and relevant!

The "New Offer Alert" Sequence

Want to get the word out about your amazing new offer?

That's EXACTLY what this campaign is designed to do!

It sends a series of emails over the course of several days and tells your list about your new offer.

Plus, you don't even have to worry who among your list already made their purchase because this campaign manages that too.

The "Get Me Booked Appointments" Sequence

Are you ready to connect with your sales prospects effortlessly?

No need to worry about the tech; we've already done that part.

Unlock the power of automation and let our pre-written copy templates do all the heavy lifting.

In just a few clicks, get those meetings booked in no time! webinar smarter than ever!

Automation at its finest – set your sights towards more leads pouring in!

The High-Ticket Webinar Sequence

Webinar funnels are the perfect way to capitalize on high-ticket sales.

Already prepped and ready for action, this campaign does it all: from inviting prospects with an invitation topped off with tracking capabilities - so you know who's interested!

Not only that, but we handle replays, follow up emails if a call isn't booked right away -- even down to editing our prewritten email messages.

The "High Ticket Sightseer" Sequence With A.I. Appointment Setting

This campaign is an automated gem!

It provides relevant and enticing content that will draw prospects in.

We keep a 'watchful eye' to see who’s interested, and then our

A.I takes over!

It sends tailored invitations for calls with you or your team - all without any manual effort on your end!

No tech skills required – just give the emails some personalization and get ready for a successful outcome.

Deploy a deadline to your prospective buyers so they don't miss out - no tech or complicated setup required.

The Automated Product

Launch Sequence

Short on time? Let our NicheFit™ A.I. take care of the tedious product launch process!

With early bird automated sequence, you can get your new products up and running quickly with no more worries of meeting your deadline.

Make launching your product easier than ever with an automated system and a.i. that optimizes each step of the sequence!

Track who watches pre-launch content, prioritize those super engaged prospects on a "early bird" list to receive exclusive early access series plans.

Edit the emails provided and get ready for launch day!

Only $899

Send your customers straight to our custom-crafted

funnels & Sales pages designed for maximum conversions!

With the NicheFit™ A.I, you can have direct conversations with your most eager buyers in real-time! It will recognize when they are close to making a purchase and give you the opportunity to step in, assist them, and finalize their order.

It has incredible accuracy at deciphering the customers' interests and works as a companion to engage in real-time conversations via email, text or messenger to close the deal faster than ever before.

A Few Ways NicheFit™ can boost conversions and increase revenue with simplicity and ease!

  • NicheFit™ A.I. will tell you if someone tries to buy something but doesn't. You can send them a text and talk to them on any marketing channel all from the platform's centralized Inbox. You don't ever have to leave NicheFit™ while doing this.

  • If someone sends you a message, NicheFit™ A.I. can get their phone number and email address. Then you can talk to them on any of those ways in the Inbox..

  • NicheFit™ A.I. can help close sales. It will email, call, or text people who visit your sales page to see if they have questions. When they answer, you'll get the answer in the Inbox and you can start selling!

  • Send an email that says "Are You On The Fence?" and the ai will track who opened it and reach out to them with questions. Answers will be in the Inbox so everything is easy to find. This one idea can change everything!

  • If someone visits your time booking page but does not make an appointment, NicheFit A.I. can contact them to help them find a better time or ask if they would like to book right away.!

  • If someone watches your webinar but doesn't buy anything, the ai can send them a message to ask if they have any questions or need help.

  • The more you use the platform, the smarter the A.i. becomes in learning your brand voice to help personalize your messaging your target audience and segmentations!

  • We also offer our A.I. content writer as an extremely affordable add-on to help accelerate content creation across your marketing channels!

Only $899




Here's Everything You Get When You Use NicheFit

  • Ever-Present Online Lead Capture
    (create mass exposure as you get leads from web chat, SMS, Messenger, web forms, and more)

(Worth $1997)

  • Messenger Integrations for Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram (Fully Automated)

(Worth $1997)

  • Pre-Written and Fully Automated A.I. Follow Up Campaigns

(Worth $1997)

  • The 7 Day Sales Sequence

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Money Capture" Sequence

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Count Me In!" Sequence with A.I. Deadline

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Abandoned Cart to Purchased" Sequence with A.I. Deadline

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Observer" Sequence with A.I. Deadline

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Limited Time Offer" Sequence with A.I. Deadline

(Worth $1997)

  • The On-Demand Webinar Sequence
    (with Replay Sequence and A.I. Deadline)

(Worth $1997)

  • The "New Offer Alert" Sequence

(Worth $1997)

  • The "Get Booked Appointments" Sequence

(Worth $1997)


Total Value: $24,000+

And not only is this incredibly valuable.

And easy to use ...

And built to SELL ...

Only Pay $899

Best of All, It Replaces $1,245 In Costs Tools

...Every Month!

If you were to pay someone to create these fully automated follow up campaigns for you ...and program all the "tech" to work seamlessly, plus do the "look & feel" design for your campaign, It would easily cost $2,000.00+ PER CAMPAIGN.

Forget paying an arm and a leg!!!

You don't have to pay a small fortune for perfectly automated follow-up campaigns and amazing pre-written copy templates. Now, you can get 12 of them - with impeccable tech setup - a $24,000 value for a fraction of the cost!

What's more, enjoy nine high-converting funnels with pre-written copy templates (valued at $2K each) established from successful ad tests and many happy visitors!

You're getting NINE of them + PLUS 38 beautiful pre-built ready made templates! Each template is based on high-converting pages and funnels that have withstood the test of massive ad spend and thousands of visitors.

Monthly Savings ...

Why Keep paying the hefty monthly subscription fees? Our all-in-one tool Lets you run your entire business from one place - Much Faster, Simpler, and less Expensive!

NicheFit™ replaces most (if not all) of expensive software, saving customers over $6,000 per year!

• Funnel building services like Clickfunnels starts at $127 monthly and Instapage is around $199 a month

• Email services such as ActiveCampaign and Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) range from $149-$169 a month

• Web chat service Intercom starts from $79 per month billed annually

• Messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting services like SlickText cost about an extra $200 per month

• Video players such as Wistia and Vimeo can cost from couple hundred dollars!!

Only Pay $899

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